Stephen M. Goosley
Muhlenberg College Fishing Photos

Fishing Graver Arboretum June 2020

Brian caught this nice Stripper off the coast by sandy Hook.

Matt Hamory Hanks son caught this 35 inch Striped Bass in New Jersey on the Delaware Bay 8th 2018.




Matts Fish filets

Steve caught this Big Bass at the Golf course near his house in New Jersey

Nate loved to fish and these pictures show how much. Nate is no longer with us physically but will be here forever in the hearts and minds of his family and friends. Some of his favorite places to fish were Hellertown, Leaser Lake, Moyers Lake, and The Little Lehigh. Nate would grill his trout and have a fine meal.



 Nate Perch

Nate Trout


Alex caught this27 .5 Inch 11 LB Brown Trout

in the Little Lehigh open day 2014

Dan Klem


Dan Catching fish at Lake Wallenpaupak with Steve Goosley and our Guide Joe Pacholec June 30th 2015. Nice Chain Pickeral, you should see the ones that got away!

Steve G

Steve with Smallmouth Bass caugth at Lake Wallenpaupak June 30th 2015 with artificial bait.

Mike NO 1                                  

Mike fishing in the New Orleans area catching Redfish !                         March 2015


Thrasher Shark caught by Suzy's son Sam, off the Long Island Coast! Suzy works in Athletics.

Shark Thrasher

Suzy's son Sam with nice Tuna he caught out of Montaulk, Long Island NY.!

Suzys son


Joe MC


                Nice 22inch Trophy Golden Rainbow Trout!      GretaJoe Spirko Ice Fishing 2014

Joe Spirko ice Fishing            

The Chief Steve SMB
The Chief with a nice Striper caught in the bay in New Jersey Steve with a small mouth bass caught at Lake Wallenpaupak Aug 2011
Erin and Mom Erin2






Erin, Mom, and Bart catching Big Bass They were fishing in Canada
Ang Ray
Angela catches her first trout at Lehigh Parkway Ray catches his first fish at Leaser Lake
Mayuko Ken Sheree
Mayuko and Ken catching Sunfish at Moyers Lake Sheree at Moyers nice Blue Gill
Steve and Brothers
Steve hanging out with the brothers from Delta Tau at Moyers Lake Oct 22 2011 
Gail Will
Gail and the Delta Tau brothers "Fish cleaning time" at Moyers Lake! Will catches his first Trout!
ABE Abe 1
Nice sunfish Abe Abe posing with his catch!
Wills Sunnie Caught at Moyers Lake by Will!
AA Alex
Alex and Adam having a good time fishing Alex will be having trout for diner!
Ben Matt and Ben
Ben enjoying the day fishing with his Brothers ! Matt admires Ben's Blue Gill catch!


Matt having fun catching trout!

That is a nice Bass! Greta caught this Largemouth Bass

at Wessner's Pond on a minnow

Joe Spirko with 19 inch Rainbow!