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This Catfish Power Bait works!


Here is the proof.

Good place to fish and the boats are in good condition! Steve

Take your fishing to the next level!



   Joey fishing with Dad

Spend more time fishing and less time untangling birds nests and Knots. Get yourself a Zero Tangle Reel that will also give you longer and more accurate casts without the worry of tangles. Designed by Doug Hannon "The Bass Professor". Checkout Doug's website:









 Steve highly recommends Pennsylvania Angler & Boater Magazine and visit their website at

Angler and Boater

Remember if your children like to fish they will like reading about fishing and check out PLAY "Pennsylvania League of Angling Youth". I have used Angler and Boater articles to help me teach fishing and I have found new places to fish by reading the magazine. 

Caroline Klotz has a great selection of bait and tackle!