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Hi everyone sorry to say no Fishing Classes this summer because of The Corona Virus. June 18 2020    Steve

The  2019 Fishing season is upon us. The first week of fishing is the 4th and 5th graders on June 24th 2019. Class room to be used on Mondays is Hartzell 157. Monday is safety training, casting practice and training, and basic fishing knowledge. Tuesday thru Thursday we will be going fishing at different locations. We started the fishing classes off with the 4th and 5th graders. They fished Moyers Lake for trout, Secret Pond for Bass, and Lake Nockamixon for Sunfish.

The sixth thru ninth graders followed with the same schedule but went fishing at the fishing pier at Lake Nockamixon.

The Advanced Class went to Cabelas and Leaser Lake on Tuesday, The Secret Pond and the Monocacy Wednesday, and Green Lane on Thursday where we fish from boats and caught Silver Perch, Bass and Sunfish.


The  2018 Fishing season is upon us. The first week of fishing is the 4th and 5th graders on June 25th 2018. Class room to be used on Mondays is Hartzell 157. Tuesday thru Thursday we will be going fishing at different locations.

We had a good week Fishing and caught Bass, Catfish, Sunnies, and Trout.

The second week of fishing is the 6th thru 9th graders on July 9 2018.

The third week of fishing will start on July 23rd 2018 and will be the Advanced class. 

Ethan went fishing in Baja  California Aug 2018. Bait used sardines

I have a new Fishing Assistant this 2017 season and his name is Glenn Fried.

The 2017 Horizons For Youth fishing season began on June 26th  with the 4th and 5th graders. Classroom training which included safety, tying fishing knots, tackle, baiting, setting the hook, casting, and reel and pole knowledge. We then we then went outside to practice our casting and then had a casting contest.

The 2nd week of fishing was with the 6th thru 9th Graders and we fished Moyers Lake, The Secret Pond, and Nockamixon Fishing Pier. We caught Bass,Trout, Perch, and Sunfish.

The 3rd week of fishing was the Advanced Class. We had our casting contest which includes a long, medium and short cast. We did a trip to Cabelas, Leaser Lake,  Mauch Chunk Lake, and Green Lane Reservoir. While at Green Lane we rented boats.

The 2016 HFY fishing  season began on June 27th with the 4th and 5th graders. Classroom training which included safety, tying fishing knots, tackle, baiting, setting the hook, casting, and reel and pole knowledge. We then went outside to practice our casting and then had a casting contest. AJ took 1st place, Jaren came in 2nd, followed by Gregory with a 3rd place finish. We caught trout, and sunfish the first week. Gail from Moyers lake taught the fishing students how to clean trout.

I have a new fishing assistant this season his name is Reuben Santana and he loves to fish.

The 2nd week of fishing was with the 6th thru 9th graders and we fished Moyers Lake, Lake Minsi and Noximixon Lake. We had good action this week catching Sunfish, Trout, Bass, a Chub, and a Catfish. Mickey caught the Catfish at Moyers Lake using a worm for bait. Daniel caught a Chub at Lake Minsi. The casting contest winners 1st place Nathan, 2nd place Luca, and 3rd place was Lance.


The All Girls Fishing Class 2016 was a Blast! We caught Sunfish, Trout, and Largemouth Bass. We fished Moyers Lake, Nockamixon lake, and our Secret Pond!! Diana a former student was a big help as a helper.


The Advanced Class had a good week catching fish. We fished Leaser Lake, Mauch Chunk  Lake, and Green Lane Reservior. We caught Silver or White Perch, Catfish, Sunfish, and Bass. We rented boats at Mauch Chunk and Green Lane. The casting contest winners for the week were Gareth winning the short and medium distance. Ethan pulled out an upset win on the last cast to win the Longest cast. We visited cabela's on Tuesday before we went to Leaser Lake to buy bait and tackle.


We had a great day of fishing at Graver April 30th 2016. Kim helped plan the event and brought the food! Evan, his wife, Keith, Durrel, and Bev helped the International Students catch alot of Bass and Sunfish. I would Like to Thank Ken and Marjorie for letting us fish at the pond. Steve

Group MC



Cousin Joey Pacholec is the States Fishing Champ for 2015 for the The Bass Federation !

The HFY fishing season came to a close July 30th 2015 and we had fun catching fish all four weeks. I would like to thank the students and parents for supporting my class. I would also like to thank my assistant Rebecca for a job well done. Bob the bus driver did a great job getting us to and from our fishing spots safe and sound! Joey and Will our helpers helped the students with rigging,untangling, and removing fish from their fishing poles! Erica  who signed up to fish but helped the students with their fishing skills. Thanks Steve

The Advanced Fishing Class fished during a hot and humid week.We started Monday with classroom instruction and a casting contest. Dominic took 1st place, Caden 2nd place, Erica 3rd place, and Gareth 1st place in the short and long part of the casting contest. See their photos in the Casting Contest photo section. Tuesday we went to Mauch Chunk Lake and the students caught Bass, Sunfish and a Perch. Erica, Mackenzie, and Rebecca caught Bass fish from a rowboat. Wednesday we went Gouldsboro State Park and Thursday we went to Green Lane Park.


Girls Gone Fishing had a fun week and caught alot of fish at Moyers Lake and Lake Nockamixon. The Casting Contest Winners were Maia 1st place, Jordan 2nd place, and Maya 3rd place. Fish of the Week went to Brianna catching a good size Sunfish. The girls can fish with the best of them.

The 6th thru 9th graders had a good week fishing at Moyers Lake, Lake Minsi, and Nockamixon.

The 4th and 5th Graders kicked off the season by catching Trout , Bass and alot of Sunfish. We fished Moyers Lake and lake Nockamixon. Luke recieved Fish of the Week Award for a Bass he caught at Lake Nockamixon.

Casting contest winners were Wesley 1st place, Spencer 2nd place, and Jessica 3rd place. Their photos are located under Casting Contest winners. 


     The 2015 fishing season will begin Monday June 22nd with the 4th and 5th graders. The 3rd graders will be fishing the week of July 6th.The 6th thru 9th graders will be fishing the week of July 13th followed by the Girls Gone Fishing class which is the week of July 20th. The last fishing class of the 2015 season will be the Advanced Class which is the week of July 27th.

          Adam my Fishing Assistant for 2014 will not be returning and will be replaced by Rebecca Nathanson. Rebecca has been taking fishing classes with me since she was in the 4th grade. She is a skilled fishermen and has been a fishing helper for the past six years. I am happy that she will be my assistant for the 2015 season.

The Advanced Class had a great week of fishing and we had alot of fun doing it! We fished from shore and rental boats. We caught Silver Perch,Bass, Yellow Perch, Catfish, and different types of Sunfish. Erica caught the Fish of the Week with catching a Catfish at Green Lane Reservior from a boat. Casting contest winners were Owen longest cast, Haley 1st place, Sophia 2nd place, and Leo 3rd place.

          I would like to take this time to Thank all students, parents, helpers,Bob the Bus driver, my assistant Adam, and the Staff at Horizons for Youth for helping to make this another fun safe season of fishing. Thank You Steve 

Advanced 2014

The week of July 21st was Girls Gone Fishing Class and we had fun fishing!The girls caught Sunfish, Trout, and Bass. Long time friend Tom joined the class as a helper when we fished Moyers Lake. We fished Moyers Lake, Lake Minsi, and Lake Nockamixon. Natalie, Rachel, and Anna won the casting contest.

Steve, Sophia, and Tom at Moyers Lake catching Sunfish! " Why am I not smiling?"  


Snake Catfish

The Week of July 14th 2014 the 6th thru 9th graders fished Moyers Lake, Lake Minsi , and Lake Nockamixon. Brandyn was awarded Fish of the Week for the nice Bass he caught at Lake Minsi. Braden caught two Catfish at Moyers Lake and the rest of the fishermen caught numerous Bass, Trout, and Sunfish.  

July 7th the Third Graders were in the classroom preparing for the week of Fishing ahead!

The 4th and 5th graders kicked off the 2014 fishing season June 23rd. On Tuesday the action started at Moyers Lake with the students catching trout, bass and sunfish! Wednesday the action got hotter with the students catching Big Bass and huge sunfish which many were taken home to eat! Thursday we were at lake Nockamixion and we needed a calculator to keep track of all the sunfish we caught.


The 2014 fishing class starts June 23 2014 starting off with the 4th and 5th graders. July 7th the third graders go fishing. July 14th we have the 6th thru 9th graders fishing and they are followed by the all girl class starting July 21st! The final week  of fishing is July 28th which is the Advanced class. These 6th thru 9th graders get to fish from 9am-4pm Tuesday thru Thursday. They have the opportunity to fish from a boat! All the classes are in Hartzell room 157. Beware of the construction taking place in that parking area. See you soon!

HFY Cover 2014

I want to take this time to Thank Dave Haynes for being an awesome Fishing instructor for the past few years he did a great job teaching and helping the students fish. Dave is leaving us to pursue other interests this summer.

Dave H

Adam Duser will take Dave's place as the Assistant Fishing Instructor. Adam has been fishing with me since 2005 and was also a helper for numerous classes. I am happy to have him on board!

Adam D

Family Fishing in North Carolina Dave Beth Andrew Peter catching Amber Jack Mahi and Tuna I think June 2014

Dave Amberjack

Beth Mahi

Andrew NC

Peter NC

Brian and Smith catching Chinook Salmon on the Willimette River Portland Oregon April 2014 

Cousin Joe at a professional tournament in Oklahoma April 2014




Joe Pacholec is the engine that runs Legends Outdoors. Joe is the head guide and also the Proprietor of Legends Outdoors. Joe’s passion for fishing shines through every time he is on the water, his inate ability to think like a fish makes him not only a great angler but also a great teacher. Joe takes the time to help everyone he takes out learn something new about angling. Joe also takes the time to meet with all Legends Outdoor guides on a regular basis to make sure everyone is on fish and on the same page. Legend Outdoors most important goals are for our clients to have fun and put fish in the boat. Click Here to visit our About Us page with more detailed information about Joe Pacholec and Legends Outdoors.



JP Trphys


Joe Spirko caught this huge steak fish on the Delaware River. Bait used was a $10.00 bill.


I have a book signing this Sunday October 27th 2013 at the Moravian Book shop on Main Street in Bethlehem. The signing hours are from 1 to 3pm hope to see you there.


The Moravian Book Shop is the world's oldest continually operated book store. In addition to books, the Moravian Book Shop carries many types of stars. Founded in 1745 the Moravian Book Shop was moved to its current location at 428 Main St. since 1871. You can buy my book "Fishing With Steve" there. Thanks Steve



The Horizons for Youth 2013 fishing season ended with the Southside Fowler Center Class fishing up a storm. They caught Trout,Sunfish, and Bass. We fished Moyers Lake, Lake Nockamixon, and Karcher Creek. 


                                                          Leo with  Fishing Instuctor Bob, caught this 15lb  Catfish in Pine Creek in Lycoming County night fishing!

Leo Bob Catfish

Bill Books was kind enough to come to the advanced Fishing class and share his vast knowledge of fishing with the students. Bill demonstrated to the students how to rig minnows and chanced off a new fishing pole and reel! Bill Books is a Great American! Thanks Bill. Steve Goosley and the Advanced Class!

Advanced Class July 29th 2013 with guest speaker Bill Books!

 The 4th and 5th graders caught alot of Bass and Sunfish! Peter even  caught a water snake by accident!

The All Girls Class took advantage of the Secret Pond and caught Big Sunfish and Bass! This happened the Week of July 15th 2013. Thanks Ken and Majorie!

The 6th thru 9th graders last Week caught Bass, Trout, and Sunfish!

6th thru 9th

The 3rd graders last week used their newly aquired fishing skills and caught Trout, Bass, Sunfish, and a Catfish!













The 2013 Fishing season stated off with the 4th and 5th graders catching alot of trout, sunnies and bass. We fished Moyers Lake, The Secret Pond, and Nockamixon State Park.

Steve and Justin2013














I finally went Ice Fishing at Gouldsboro State Park with Joe and Joey Paholec professional fishing guides. Will Neusidl ice fished for the first time with me Feb 16 2013. The temperature was about 28 degrees, the ice was ten inches thick, and the sky was overcast. We caught five pickerel and three perch. Joe cooked hotdogs for lunch and we had hot chocolate. Hopefully next year more students will go ice fishing with me. See you this summer. Steve


High tech equipment for Ice fishing and in a heated tent

The 2012 fishing season ended for Horizon's for Youth August 10th 2012. Over one-hundred students fished this summer catching trout, sunfish, perch, chain pickeral, bass, and grass carp. Steve would like to Thank his assistant Dave, bus driver Bob, and his helpers Adam, Rebecca, George, Tyler, Shelley, Nick, Doug, and Kyle for all their help. I would also like to thank the family members of students who helped. Thank You! Steve

  Stay tuned for info regarding Ice Fishing hopefully January and February of 2013!

Steve will be at Farmers Market in Hellertown signing books today 7/15/2012 from 9am to 1pm!


Started the 2012 fishing season June 12th at Moyers Lake in the rain! I was proud of the students they fished in the rain and caught trout and sun fish. Next week I will be fishing with the 3rd graders!

Steve, Melanie, and Erica at Moyers Lake Fishing! Melanie and camera man Spin

from 69 News interview and film Steve and Erica June 29 2012.

 We did not go Ice fishing ! It was too warm, and there was no safe Ice maybe next year!

All is going well and here are the Ice fishing dates. Jan 14th 2012, Jan 28 2012, and Feb 11th 2012. If we have to cancel the week after will be the make up date. We will going to Lake Wallenpaupak to ice fish. Joe Pacholec will be are instructor and guide on the ice. Bring warm clothing because that is all you will need.Sign up soon if you are interested class size is limited too six students per class.If you need more information call 610-861-4120.

The 2011 fishing season comes to an end August 12th at Moyers Lake. The students caught some big sunfish and decent sized bass that week. The last class was at the Fowler Center on the Southside of Bethlehem and worked out well.

 If all goes well there will be ice fishing in January and February of 2012!       




The Morning Call ran a article about Steve's fishing class at Lake Nockamixion Aug 13th 2011 in the Life section check it out. Go to   

 The next fishing class is "Girls Going Fishing" July 11th 2011.  

Dave Haynes is the new assistant fishing instructor for Horizons for Youth. Emily and Dave with a sunfish caught at Lake Nockamixion 6/21/2011. 

Joe Pacholec a Professional Fishing Guide specializing on Lake Wallenpaupack and surrounding waters will be at NCC Monday 6/27/2011 room 127 Hartzell to talk about taking your fishing skills to the next level! Anyone who is interested is invited to come and hear Joe talk. Joe will be the guest speaker for the Horizons for Youth advanced fishing class. Joe's website: E-mail:  570-702-5553.  Fishing Instructor Steve Goosley

The Moravian Book Shop is the world's oldest continually operated book store. In addition to books, the Moravian Book Shop carries many types of stars. Founded in 1745 the Moravian Book Shop was moved to its current location at 428 Main St. since 1871. You can buy my book "Fishing With Steve" there.

Hi everyone I was at the Fowler Center on the South side of Bethlehem March 26th talking about my book Fishing with Steve. The students who took my class was my inspiration for writing this book. I will give a casting demonstration with my new ZTR 1500 which is an open face fishing reel that will not tangle when you cast. The reel was invented by a man named Doug Hannon a world renowed angler known as the bass professor. Doug has a record of more than 800 bass over 10lbs. Doug also invented the weedless trolling motor. Check his website out at

Ethan 1 Ethan likes his new book "Fishing with Steve".



The 2010 season comes to an end on July 29th. Overall we had a good summer catching fish. Joey caught the biggest bass which measured 16 inches. We fished in some tough weather conditions this summer. Rain and the heat did not slow us down we still caught fish. We fished at a private pond that had big sunnies, bass, and over 100 golden rainbow trout. We fished a new spot this summer, the Freemansburg canal. We caught a bunch of sunnies and one catfish at the canal. I would like to thank the helpers, my assistant Ed, the bus drivers, the students who took the class, their parents, the parents or relatives who went fishing with us and the owner of the private pond. We had a fun and safe fishing experience this summer. I will be putting up different photos on the website and I will contact you when I use your photo. Also when I start doing book signings I will let you know where and when. My book "Fishing with Steve" is available at my website you will get a signed copy of my book. Thanks Steve