Stephen M. Goosley

This is a true but fictional account of Steve a basic fishing instructor at a summer camp located at a local college. Steve takes about 140 students fishing every summer over a seven week period. The students range from 3rd grade to ninth grade. There is even an all girls fishing class. Many have never fished before.

Steve's story based on a student named Darien who cannot wait for school to end because he will be going into the third grade which means he will be able to take Steve"s fishing class. Darien's parents promised him he could take Steve's class if he did well in school and did his chores all year.

Dariens adventure begins on the first day of class. From class room training to the casting contest. The adventure gets real good on the second day when Steve takes the class fishing for the first time. By the time Darien's experience is over he will have caught a trout and won many new friends. The events that happen in this book are true.           Steve